5 Ways To Live More Natural, Organic, and Healthy

Holistic and Natural Living in Altadena, La Cresenta

Keepin’ it Natural

While hanging out watching Tim Tebow do his “magic” on the field, I came up with the idea of writing a few tips on how I’ve taken a more holistic approach to living and maybe it may be beneficial to you as well. It is my belief that everything in life is a journey, and if you are not great at something, don’t worry, you can always improve. Anyone who tells you otherwise is what we sometimes call a “hater”, which is someone who flagrantly demeans your effort or offers negative criticism for no reason. But don’t worry, the main goal is to try to find out what works best for you and do things 1 step at a time.

1. Try using lemon as deodorant

Even though more evidence is needed to support that antiperspirant deodorants may cause diseases such as breast cancer1,2, it doesn’t hurt to use something natural from your own backyard or local farmer. You may not want you use it if you have open wounds or cuts under your arms because it may sting. But why use a product from an industry that remains largely unregulated such as cosmetic industry? If you can use a lemon to achieve great smelling results, why not?

Go to sleep early

2. Go to bed earlier

In traditional Chinese medicine theory it is recommended that you go to bed at a decent time, preferably before 11pm. My teacher used to say if you miss the boat then you miss the boat. This is also why I became so amazed with Chinese medicine because of their foresight into human physiology. The body is regulated by certain glands, one of these being the pineal gland. It is located  in the diencephalon of the brain (if you need a brain map feel free to read my prior post on a quick tour of the brain), above the brain stem, and is responsible for regulating natural functions such as inducing sleep by producing melatonin and waking us up. It is also known as our “third eye” and is being studied as a major connection in the mind-body relationship.
So ,it is important to keep to our natural rhythm because it is wired into your body to follow the rhythm of nature. In a 2001 study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found an increase risk of breast cancer associated with  night shift work and light exposure at night3. I always say go to sleep early and wake up early to enjoy the day!

3. Sneak organic foods into your diet if your not doing so already

If you have the ability and the means to fill your entire fridge with organic food then go for it. However, if money is an issue, as it is for most people, then there are some ways to incorporate more organic foods into your shopping cart. First check out your local farmer’s market, you will find many great deals on great veggies and fruits. Get to know the growers, their products, and learn recipes to make soups which are healthy and very cost efficient. Trader Joes and Whole Foods offer many comparable brands to their non organic counter parts for just a little bit more, sometimes just by a couple of cents. Items that are typically very reasonable include organic peanut/almond butter, jelly and jams, organic wheat spaghetti, brown rice, apples, carrots, greens, and frozen veggies. They have a good selection of fruits and veggies, but prices can vary on these items and run a bit on the high side.

4. Take a walk and move

I’m a fan of walking, especially since it’s a lot easier on the knees. However, you don’t have to just walk in the mornings or when you get home from work.  You can do both, and you can also take a walk during your lunch and during your breaks. The duration of your walk is up to you, but I think splitting your walks into 10 minutes each is definitely do-able.  If you did that 3-4 times a day, you would gain 30-40 minutes of exercise from just those small activities.

5. Put down the sodas, pick up the water

Drinking enough water was one of the first things I really enjoyed changing in my life. I decided to do this back in my undergrad at Cal Poly Pomona to save a couple bux on groceries and stay healthy. Ever since I’ve always kept myself well hydrated and felt great.

I’m always improving and looking for new ways to keep to my living style in this ever changing world, and as things become more hectic and fast pace, it becomes more important to find out what works for us and put it into action. What have you done to make the direction of your life more healthy and natural?

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