Chillin’ at the Local Farmers Market in Pasadena

Local Farmers' Markets - Pasadena

Locally Grown Food is Great -

Last Saturday I visited a cool farmers markets in my area which is held in the mornings at Victory Park out here in Pasadena. Just walking up to the market place can be pretty mellow and shoves you into a happy mood. I ended up parking opposite to where the market was taking place because I was , but enjoyed the benefit of exercise I got from the walk.

Just walking through where the market starts (or ends, there are no signs so I guess you start or end where you please! How about that for choice and freedom?) there is just a good sense of participating in the event. My mother and a friend’s mom of mine both had spoken to me about how they would buy fresh fruits and poultry from the farmers on a daily basis. Before the greed from capitalism and free trade agreements swooped it’s hands on the farming industry, there was a time where people bought their food from local growers and supported the community. We have definitely strayed away from that and it is very unfortunate. So coming to a farmers market restores our sense of being connected with our food.
I saw a few musicians from different genres keeping up the joy of market goers and making music for the kids to dance to.  Musicians are some awesome people, no matter if they make a lot or a little, they’re always doing what they to do, making music.
I picked up a couple of things, a bunch of green onions for about a buck-fifty, big bag of organic potatoes, some red chards, and a few other items to make me a soup, which I’ll share the recipe, but you will never know my secret ingredient! Actually there is no secret and I’ll be glad to take I mean borrow your ideas for my soups (I like to have a sense of humor every now and then…keeps me on my toes.) I also picked up a pack of eggs obtained from natural grain fed chickens for a very descent price from Mike & Sons Eggs, and they are there weekly. I concluded my time at the market by purchasing a two ounce shot of wheat grass for two-bucks from a vendor called Kaplan, which was 100% Legit! (aka awesome.)

Benefits of Local Farmers Markets

There are many benefits to going to your local farmers market. I do enjoy shopping at Trader Joes and Whole Food’s, and I hate to be a repeater bug (haven’t you heard of that…hmm strange) but I think it’s great to meet the people growing your food and support your local community. Also, the prices aren’t bad at all, and you may end up getting more for your buck at the farmers market. I would also recommend speaking with the seller to find out more about the farm, the type of materials used in the growing process, and any other questions you may have. Don’t forget to bring cash with you and a few bags to carry stuff in, maybe a roll-able suit case. Sometimes you never know what you may be coming back with.

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