More Weight Loss Tips For The New Year

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Welcome to the new year! As you can see the gyms are packed, the resolutions have been made, and weight goals have been set. My concern is 3 months from now, when the gym look less crowded, excuses begin flying, and next thing you know you’ve become a statistic for broken resolutions. 

One of my favorite quotes comes from Zig Ziglar, who said “motivation is a lot like bathing, that’s why it is recommended daily.” With that said, here are a few more tips that can help you pump up your weight loss efforts.

1.Get Away From The Routine Exercises

Make your workouts fun. Enroll in that martial arts class you’ve been thinking about. Join a hiking or bicycling club that’s close to you. Sign up for the yoga, do the tai chi, explore your options. Just don’t only get in the rut of running in circles for thirty minutes. I’m not saying jogging is bad, it can be very beneficial. But the mind can become bored easily after a period of time and variety keeps the mind sharp. On top of that you’re doing exercises to benefit the entire body, not just a few different systems.

2. Chill Out, It’s Winter

Winter is a time for hibernation and storage, and it’s my personal belief that the human body just isn’t in the best mode to burn fat at during winter. That doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight, because most people will simply lose weight just by making healthier food choices. Just eat right, start getting into activities that you enjoy doing, and take care of yourself. The rest will fall in place.

3. Make Changes In Your Life.

Your life is going to be different no matter if you’re 30, 40, or 60 pounds lighter. You’re going to make different choices that will affect your life. For life changing events to happen one must….you guessed it, change your life! Don’t become accustomed to routine, as you will need to make changes to accommodate for your workout schedule, time for cooking and preparing meals, and all the other considerations that go into organizing your health routine.

Trust me, I know where you’re at right now and i’m here to tell you that you can do it. You can become a healthier, happier individual and reach the goals you set. Determination is a very powerful force, and I believe we all sometimes underestimate the value of it. Good luck, and enjoy the week!