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A Motivation Statement To Yourself

Motivation, Positivity

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Wake up! Hello! I know you are listening in there. Why are you beating yourself up? It wasn’t your fault. Maybe it was your fault. Did you learn from it? Yes? Then what is the problem?

Why am I beating myself up? I’m smart, caring, and people like me. I try my hardest in every task I agree to undertake. I am full of life and ready to become a vessel for nature to act upon.

Why do I need this motivation? Because everyone needs a reminder. It doesn’t hurt to have someone nudge your elbow and tell you that you’re great. That’s why you are reading this, to remind yourself that greatness pours out of you like the finest syrup out of the sweet maple tree. Yes, You are great.

How did I become such a great person? It was easy, I just believed in myself.

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Hi name is Carlo St. Juste II, L.Ac and I'm a Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of California. I've also studied the martial arts for ten years in the styles of Kung Fu, Tai chi, & grappling. My Interests include nature, hiking, philosophy, technology, health and wellness.
I enjoy writing and published my holistic health and wellness book in 2015. Here on this site I feel more free to share my philosophies, theories, and general ideas that I find inside and outside the clinic. I'm Always living life to the fullest and trying to help make this world a better place.