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10 Reasons to Get Out of the Gym

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While most of us want to get as fit as possible and stay in shape, doing so in an actual gym is oftentimes not the best solution. Gyms can offer many benefits such as professional training, a social atmosphere, and motivation – however, for some, these amenities are simply not enough to overcome the drawbacks.

1. Cost

Certainly, one of the biggest reasons why people would prefer to not work out in a gym is the cost. Although the monthly membership price has come down a great deal over the years due to competition, this is still an expense that can be avoided – especially if one has other potential options for working out for free. It today’s tough economic environment, this is one cost that could easily be cut from the household budget.

2. Wait Time for Machines

Depending on where you work out, you could run into the frustration of having to wait in line for various exercise machines. This is particularly the case immediately after the holidays when many are still clinging to their New Year’s resolution of losing weight.

This pausing between machines can also throw a real monkey wrench into your workout plan, as it is not a good idea to cool off your muscles for too long between exercises. In addition, just the opposite can be true as well when there is a crowd at the gym and you are only allowed to stay on certain machines for a maximum period of time. By shortening your workout, you will not be getting the full benefit of the exercise routine.

3. Germs

Today, people are more germ conscious than ever – and rightly so. Unfortunately, even though workout facilities typically promote health, stepping on to a stair master or treadmill that still has remnants of the previous user’s sweat is not only unappealing, but unhealthy.

4. Injury

Many gyms today have attendants who monitor the members as they exercise. However, not all of these gym employees are full-fledged fitness trainers who are familiar with the exact way to utilize the equipment. Incorrect instructions can – and often do – lead to serious injury. Therefore, it is likely much safer to study a particular workout routine that you are interested in starting before moving forward and receive proper training.

5. Noise

You would be hard pressed to find a gym today that doesn’t have loud music, televisions – or both – all playing at the same time. This, coupled with the noise of the machines, can make concentrating on your workout difficult at best. While some people prefer to wear headphones while jogging to the beat, others would rather take the time to concentrate both physically and mentally while working out. This is unlikely to be possible at a gym.

6. Distractions

Although most people enjoy talking with friends and acquaintances, while trying to concentrate on exercising, it can often be distracting to be interrupted by social activity. Working out at home can allow for much better concentration on your exercise – leading to much more effective benefits of the routine in the long run.

7. Self-Esteem

Gyms can sometimes tend to be a place for social activity as well as working out. In certain instances, though, those who may be just starting out or who are uncomfortable with their current physical condition, showing up at the gym alongside those who are in tip top shape can be a cause for lowered self esteem.

8. Lack of Variety

Most gyms offer a number of various machines for cardio and strength training. However, with the large number of workout routines that are now available on DVD, it is much easier – and more fun – to change up your moves on a regular basis outside of the gym. You are also likely to get more benefit too!

9. Fresh Air

One of the best reasons to get out of the gym for your exercise time is the fresh air that can be taken in while jogging, biking, or taking part in other types of exercise outdoors. While there are some areas of the country that have colder winter temperatures, if dressed appropriately, you can still get good exercise benefits outside all year long.

10. Travel Time

Travel time can also be a big drawback to working out in a gym as versus staying home. This can particularly be the case for those who work full time. Depending on the traffic in your area, you may be taking up an hour or more of your time just in travel to and from the gym. Alternatively, by participating in a workout at home, you can avoid the long wait times for machines, do away with the travel time in the car (and the extra gas expense), and get much more accomplished in a shorter period of time.

Hilary Rose is an exercise and nutrition writer for many fitness blogs. When she is not enjoying the outdoors, you can find her designing storage solutions for athletic equipment. Originally Published on: Jun 14, 2012

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