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The Dilemma of Food Shopping in 2016

Healthy Foods bought at regular supermarket

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Shopping in 2016 can be quite of a difficult task at times. Of course you want to choose from the healthiest options available. Lets face facts though, if you care about your health then you should be willing to pay extra for the foods that will keep you healthy. However it doesn’t make sense for consumers to pay $10 for a head of organic lettuce (just being. I mean, you can, but eventually individuals such as myself will try to find more reasonable options.

My search for lunch inspired me to write this post. I’ve been living a hectic lifestyle and shopping has been a difficulty task to complete. Making meals has been a difficult task to complete. To do it the right way is a difficult task to complete. But I need to show my patients everyday how to survive and make the right decisions amidst difficulty.

Why is this important? Because research is changing, and we now know more about the types of foods we are consuming on a daily basis. You can’t just pick up a loaf of white bread with bologna and expect to survive on hot pockets all day. Like Jim Rohn said, reasons will change your life. Reasons why we should stay healthy, reasons why we should eat high quality foods. Most people want to live a healthy and happy life. That is a good reason. A happy, healthy, less worrysome and more abundant life, to be exact.

save money shopping 300x225 - The Dilemma of Food Shopping in 2016That is the keyword here, REASONABLE. It can sometimes be difficult to put together a meal that is nutritious, organic, and within a reasonable price range of your budget. So I went to the store today to pick up a few things and gave me some insight into shopping for groceries of 2016.

So on my lunch shopping break I picked up ingredients to make a sandwich and a salad. No Sprouts in the area, no whole foods, no Trader Joes, Farmers Market is 4 days away and they just closed down the local Ralphs. So my options a little limited, but not futile.

So I go to another big chain supermarket to pick up a few things in hopes that I could create a lunch for myself. I’m feeling the sandwich jingle.

Non-GMO bread? Got it.

Organic Mayo made with cage free eggs? OK now it’s a start

Romaine and red leaf lettuce? For my sandwich, for my salad. How could I live without it…didn’t like the organic produce so I went conventional and threw up a prayer.

Payer for organic food - The Dilemma of Food Shopping in 2016

Crutons? Had some wonton strips at home I bought from the previous day. But unsure of quality of ingredients and also contains sodium benzoate preservative (which I didn’t see until after, forgot to read the package.) I’ll just grab a bag of organic blue chips…

Sandwich meat...this time I grabbed sliced deli meats. I don’t like processed deli meats, just making an exception this one time since I don’t see any other cooked meat options. Ok I was at least able to find something without Nitrates. Didn’t have enough time to cook up a free range chicken breast which is actually my first option.

Certified humane grass fed cheese…A little cheese in moderation.

So I was able to put together this sandwich and salad meal for a reasonable price, about $15-$17 for everything.

Once big chains can provided more organic produce it will become more accessible in the mainstream.The more selection, the better.

I think the key is that you have to make the best choices with what you have. Know there are options and yes you may need to look around to find “the good stuff”, you know food of good quality made for human consumption.

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