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Low Back Pain and Improving Vitality

Low Back Pain

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It’s the dreaded sign of low back pain; Famous ache prior to the expression “Aye, am I getting old?” Feels that way doesn’t it? Especially with stiffness and immobility, a slippery slope can occur, which can send you down an unwanted path.

Listen to me, captain! I don’t think we’re going to make it… on vacation. Call it off!

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is all about prevention first. If we can’t prevent, then we can treat. In TCM we associate symptoms of low back pain in a number of ways.

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There are three conditions in TCM which are usually prevalent; Kidney Qi deficiency, Kidney Yang deficiency, and Kidney Essence deficiency, which tend to be associated with low back pain. Not the sole causes, but each can be suspected in TCM theory. Do they refer to the kidneys directly? Possibly, but it is not used in that context clinically unless symptoms show. Organs in TCM correlate to systems, functions, and processes from a bio-med perspective. Kidney Qi and Kidney Yang in this case refer to general aging and vitality, with Kidney Yang and Essence being more severe if affected. One of the symptoms in this group include weakness of the lower extremities, which can result from  a pinched nerve or herniated disc from a bio-science perspective. This is just an example of the thinking process involved in the diagnosis and finding the right treatment path.

The qi of the kidney organ and meridian are responsible for maintaining longevity. When there is dysfunction in the body that affects the meridian or the organ, symptoms will appear.

So what does this have to do with the low back, and what is qi (pronounced chi)?

Low back soreness, stiffness, and aching can fall under this category in TCM, which may have other associated symptoms as well. Fatigue, lethargy, pain or weakness in the knees are a few accompanying symptoms in TCM.

Qi is also known as vital energy, and I always briefly cover it or give reference for a better definition:

lowbackpain 1944329 1920 300x211 - Low Back Pain and Improving VitalitySo fixing my low back pain will make me younger?

I’m saying you should take care of your health at the initial stages of distress. Pain means the body is trying to communicate disruption. You may just need to incorporate a better stretching routine, increase your exercise, or just get more rest. In my personal experience, I often find that flexibility is the problem compounded with a delay in treating yourself,  lack of sleep, nutrition deficiencies, and throw in some stress from our favorite friend called life and Wham!

That is not a good thing…

So take care of yourself, take care of your body, give yourself the time and the tools to feel as invigorated and full of life as possible. Yes, I’m speaking from personal experience. I let the grind take over and didn’t put in the time to focus on maintaining my back health. Now implementing what I talk about, I’ve noticed a gradual change which has made a big difference. Do healthcare professionals follow their own recommendations? It would be foolish not to.


This information is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions and is for educational purposes only. Please see your Primary Care Provider for any medical concerns and health related issues.

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