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Say I Don’t Know, Then Find The Answer.

Confusion, unknowing

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Why am I righting this blog post?

Maybe it’s to say that it’s OK not to know everything.

However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t attempt the journey to find out.

I bring this up in light of recent events in which a patient was describing a condition I knew about. The lab values and what they meant, I did not. I listened fully taking note and explained my opinion to them about what I could do to help.

YOU DON’T KNOW? That’s Fine…

I acknowledged what I did not know and explained what I did know. That was it. They didn’t call me an idiot. At least out loud.

There are things you should know in a given situation, right? A mechanic should know what a car engine looks like. A doctor should know where a femur bone is. In fact some professions are held legally responsible for having basic knowledge and competencies such as your doctor and lawyer.

But the difference between a Chevy 357 and a 390ci Big Block? Where is the diaphasis and periosteum in relation to the Femur Bone? Does knowing bring you one step up?

To find the answer and to have knowledge. To have the “aha” moment. To feel a completeness in the puzzle. The first time the sun found out about the moon, and vice versa. Before then it was just hearsay.

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I don’t know can lead to many possibilities. It can take you to a new world. It can open up a new career path. It can save a life.

Curiosity Made The Cat…

Answering the question adds more to the entire picture. When you add your 2 cents, it will be more flavorful and come from a place of assurance.

It may also help you to stay in your lane. I didn’t know it would require that much time. I think I’m better where I’m at.

I don’t know + Finding the answer and meaning = Beautiful

What do you think? Leave your 2 cents below…

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