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I’m Starting to Realize it Takes Time

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It tales time to lose weight. It takes time to go to school and learn a skill or subject. It takes time to undo and wind all the crap you’ve been doing to yourself, putting inside yourself. To undo the abuse of your super powers to overwork to get the job done, to support a loved one with an energy of care and loving compassion.

It takes time.


You have a vision, a goal to achieve

And everyday you are doing some activity to get you closer to your destination. It seems simple, yet for years I have struggled with the same problem.

But now I am inspired to write this because I am seeing progress. I am seeing progress in my weight loss regimen, feeling my belly aka man gut shrink weekly and gaining compliments of slimming down.

I’m starting to understand how things will decay without attention. How life can wither away without care. I’ve learned this all from watering a plant on my balcony. I enjoy watering it, everyday. But I wasn’t watering it everyday, some days I skipped. It wasn’t on purpose, I was just too busy and I did it when I remembered. But then I had some growth insight.

If I can’t water a simple plant everyday, how can I water my business to grow?

Do you expect your tree to grow if you only water it when you remember? Do you expect to run a legitimate business if you’re only working on it when you remember? How can you lose weight and keep it off if you’re only going to the gym when you remember?

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That is when I decided to make the changes. So I water my plant everyday. I make sure I have fresh water available and have made incorporated it into a part of my daily routine where I know it will get done.

Same thing with company. I stopped watering on my schedule and began watering my company everyday. More videos, more articles, getting things done. I am excited to see how well this tree can grow.

Coming back to finish this article, I can truly say that time is a gift and a weapon.

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Like Jim Rohn said, you can’t rip the month off the calendar, but you can get stronger, better, and wiser until you reach your goal.

So my message to you is what are your dreams? Knowing that it is going to take time to get there, what can you do until 

What can you work on until payday next Friday?

What can you work on while you’re on a six month weight loss journey?

You are not diverting your attention from your goal, but rather becoming more well balanced.

You want to be in good health to enjoy the important moments in your life. You want to be financially stable to have what you need to survive and thrive. At least that is the goal. You want to be in a good state of mind when that first million come in. What are you going to do with your time until that happens, if that’s what you want?

Think Big. Learn. Live. Grow.

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