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Cryptoblades – RPG Blockchain Game Review

cryptoblades review blockchain - Cryptoblades - RPG Blockchain Game Review

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What is Cryptoblades?

Cryptoblades is an online rpg that utilizes blockchain technology in order to allow players to battle monsters and even other players. Through battles, players are able to obtain a coin called Skill (Cryptoblades Skill) which can be used to purchase characters, weapons, shields, or space in their upcoming blockchain metaverse called “Cryptoblades Kingdoms”.


  • Users can purchase characters of different elemental type in order to participate in combat, raids, and pvp. The cost to acquire your first character in not costly and made for a low barrier of entry for all players.
  • You can earn a token called Cryptoblades (Skill)
  • Randomized battle based on probability Roll
  • Ability to level up characters
  • Different classes of characters with attributes that either make them stronger or weaker against certain opponents
  • Game characters are NFTs which can be transferred
  • Game operates on Binance Smart Chain, Polymatic, Avax, and a few others
  • Creator team located in the U.S.
  • Excellent marketplace (which has been updated to use Bazaar marketplace)


  • Some elements of the game not operational yet being currently developed and tested
  • May take some time to level up lower level characters to a level where the return on fights starts to become profitable

You can find the game here :

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