Coin App Review and Why You Should Download

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*Disclaimer: This page contains links to services in which the author receives a financial incentive. Holistic Growth Insights takes no responsibility for any of the products and services Coin App offers.

Coin app is an app available for android which enables users to geomine “coin” and trade in your rewards for items such as an ipad, wireless speakers, or even XYO, bitcoin, or ethereum token.

The geomining is sponsored by XYO which is displayed at the bottom of the app as a banner.


  • Earn crypto for providing geomining, meaning get paid for your crypto
  • User base with standings to help you stay competitive and earn more by seeing how others are doing in your area
  • The ability to earn coin by filling out surveys, installing and using trial apps, setting up destinations to travel to and being rewarded for reaching your destination, as well as playing simple games


  • You can cash out to receive xyo but can’t coin in an outside wallet.
  • App has to be running in foreground in order to geomine and earn coin

Interested in trying out the app? Follow the link below.