Jim Rohn – Motivational Speaker

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Learn These Skills or Live a Mediocre Life

You know those moments where you say to yourself “Where has this information been all of my life”?  Well here it is in full force.  I heard about Mr. Rohn from a motivation speaker I listen to often by the name of Mr. Sam Crowley (everydayissaturday.com) and didn’t pay him much attention until I saw him come up as a recommended video on YouTube. That’s when I got hooked.

This information is invaluable. Especially during this time of shortened attention spans and complacency, not to many people really “get it”. It’s only when something drastic happens in our lives that we gain the momentum to change. Well, better late than never!

The video is two hours so I recommend grabbing some organic popcorn and playing it in the background as you’re completing your daily tasks.