Mind.Body. Martial Arts

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A system of self defense that utilizes various exercises and forms rooted from certain Kung Fu (Gong Fu) styles.

A program that trains the BODY and MIND to work together not only for self defense, but to make better decisions and live a better life.

Core principles of the Mind Body Martial Arts

Eagle Claw Kung Fu (Lian Quan, Fast Connecting Fist)
Tai Ji Quan
Submission and Grappling

Taught by Shifu Carlo St. Juste, L.Ac
Shifu Carlo is a licensed acupuncturist and martial arts instructor who brings to the table over 10 years of Martial arts experience in various styles of Kung fu and energy arts. He has also trained in submission and grappling to gain competency and create blended style of mixed martial arts with principles that can be applied in real life scenarios and for competition.

Marital arts and contemporary skill.



To train contact 626-559-1275.