Tai Chi Los Angeles

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Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art and exercise for health and vitality. Emphasis is put on slow movement routines which help strengthen the body, focus the mind, gain clarity, and improve your overall health. It originated in China over 600 years ago. The style taught is Yang style, who’s founder is name Yang LuChan.

What students will gain from the program:

  • Basics of tai chi including posture, footwork, breathing, body mechanics, and mindsets
  • Well known movements in Yang style tai chi
  • Qi gong routines to help increase internal energy

Yang 16 variation – Beginner form derived from Yang 108. This is a short form that is taught to individuals to help introduce basic tai chi concepts.

Yang 24 – Known as beginner form, is a simplified version of the Yang style 108. Created in 1956 in Bejing (ref. wiki)