Worksite Wellness Lunch-n-Learns

Lunch-n-Learn workshops are great events where employees can learn to learn empower themselves about wellness issues that affect them in the workplace. Typically these events run for 45-50 minutes and can be fun and interactive. There is no selling or soliciting of products, which allows your employees to completely focus on the mission at hand — promoting wellness!

Holistic Worksite and Employee Wellness programs

Topics include:

Exercise and Fitness
Goal Setting
Heart Disease
Holistic approach to Wellness
Insomnia and the Importance of Sleep
Influenza Information
Preventative Care
Psychological/Emotional Issue
Weight Loss / Weight Management
Workplace Wellness/Ergonomic Wellness

Your company can choose to provide lunch to your employees or inform employees to bring a healthy sack lunch. To encourage participation usually small gifts such as pedometers or a raffle for a chance to win a $20 gift certificate can be effective.

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